Who we are

We are a young and dynamic software house that provides consulting services and develops enterprise, Internet of Things and Brand Identity solutions.

What we do

We are focused on innovation and modernisation, which is why we work in various areas of the digital world. You can get your customized management software adapted to your business requirements thanks to our expertise in enterprise solutions. Moreover, you can make your store interactive by attracting your customers’ curiosity thanks to VSA, one of our products based on beacons, through which you can collect data to be processed in order to optimise your business. We also deal with anything related to brand identity, developing logos, brochures, websites and much more.

Why choose us

From the beginning we provide accurate consultancy in order to analyze and interpret your requirements. Our long experience in the field and deep technological expertise allow us to find the best tailor-made solution for you.

How we work

We manage our projects using Agile methodologies, which allows us to regularly track every phase of the solution development, in order to constantly improve and optimize it according to our client’s requirements and needs.

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