Beacons for proximity technology

Offer your visitors an innovative digital experience!

Museums, palaces, buildings, art exhibitions, botanical gardens, parks and showrooms will never be visited in the same way! We provide the proximity technology interfaced with beacons, i.e. small devices that when placed near or on fixed objects interact with smartphones and tablets entering their range of action. Visitors will view all the information about a work, a product or any fixed object directly on their mobile device!

Culture and knowledge

If you place a beacon near a work of art, information sheets and relative multimedia contents appear directly on visitors’ smartphones or tablets. These change as the visitor walks from to work, they simply need to download an app at the entrance! When the exhibition changes, you can easily modify the content that every beacon provides to visitors with a simple interface. You can also save money by reducing or removing the usual informative material (audio guides, information boards, sheets in different languages).


You can install some beacons in your showroom, for example a car showroom or a furniture store. Customers can read information and product characteristics directly on their smartphone or tablet simply by approaching them. You can provide data sheets, information videos, promotional material or whatever else you want to communicate. This gives you the opportunity to entertain customers while they are waiting to be served, whilst giving them useful information about your products on the screen.

Retail and Large-Scale Distribution

By placing beacons in your sales network, you can make your customers shopping experience interactive. The use of gamification techniques enables the creation of new more effective promotional strategies and increases the potential of loyalty programs. Furthermore, processing all the data collected from the application, wull allow you to better understand the segmentation of your customers and their preferences.

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