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We are a dinamic and constantly evolving company, always ready to jump into new challenges. In our business it is crucial to keep constantly updated on new technologies: it is the only way we can always offer innovative customized products to our clients.

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What we do

We provide consulting services and development of enterprise, Internet of Things and Brand Identity solutions. Our proactive approach gives us the opportunity to take full advantage of new technologies and trends with a view to optimizing the solutions we propose.

Our beacon apps

Virtual Showroom Assistant

Stand out from the crowd with style!
Exploit new technologies to communicate with your customers effectively and directly. Present your products in a whole new way with this solution.

Beacons and proximity technology

Offer your visitors an innovative digital experience!
Provide your visitors all the information directly on their smartphone. Replace your informative material with a single app.

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Do you have any project in your mind? Just explain it to us, we’ll find your best solution together.


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