Internet of Things

In the vast world of the Internet of Things, we focused on developing applications that interact with beacons. In particular, we developed two products using this technology, but the range of areas where it can be used is diverse: ho.re.ca., commercial activities, the tourism and cultural sector and asset tracking are just a few examples.

What is Internet of Things

IoT is the evolution of the network in which objects acquire intelligence: they become recognizable and transmit information and data about themselves, allowing interaction with people and other devices.

Internet of Things is a museum where information sheets about a particular work appear on your smartphone when you approach it. It is a shop where you just move an item to see all its features on a nearby screen.

The word IoT is used to identify a combination of technologies that allow objects to be linked to the network, in order to collect and communicate information and take related actions.

What are beacons and how they work

Beacons are small devices that use proximity technologies to allow personalized experiences with objects and environments to which they are linked.

Every beacon has a Low Energy Bluetooth transmitter that transmit univocal and specific data via radio signals.

Smartphones constantly intercept these signals: when entering a beacon’s field of action, an application responds with the requested action.

The device that receives data packets from a beacon can send in the cloud information related to its user or its position.

Customized contents can be sent as notifications to smartphones, or displayed on separate monitors to show additional information.

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